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Selenium Replenish


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This Synergy Vita supplement contains selenium high strength and high absorption. This essential mineral is a potent antioxidant and protects the body from damage caused by free radicals and from infection. Selenium is also important for DNA repair, thyroid gland function and hormone synthesis, and reproduction. Lower levels of selenium are associated with higher risk of developing heart disease and various type of cancer. The levels of selenium decrease with age, and lower blood selenium contribute to decline in cognitive function. Selenium is required for normal immune function and deficiency affects both cell-mediated and humoral components of the immune response. Studies have also showed that certain viruses increase or even acquire their virulence in selenium deficient hosts. 30 Tablets

Benefits of Selenium Replenish

Powerful antioxidant

Supports normal heart function

Necessary for normal immune function

Required for maintaining heathy hair

Combats different type of cancer

Needed for normal thyroid function

Involved in thyroid hormone synthesis

Combats infection

Required for DNA repair

Cognitive function support

Necessary for maintaining normal nails

Promotes health & wellbeing


Nutrition Facts Per Tablet: Selenium 200mcg (344% NRV).

Ingredients: L-Selenomethionine, Micro Crystalline Cellulose, Di Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

Instructions For Use: Adults take one tablet daily, or as directed by an healthcare professional.



Suboptimal or deficiency of micronutrients is a very common problem, with adverse effects on health and wellbeing. The factor that contribute to inadequate levels of nutrients include:

  • Soil impoverishment (less amount of micronutrients)
  • Food processing (micronutrients are removed)
  • Infection (increased need of micronutrients to combat disease)
  • Reduced absorption because of gastrointestinal conditions
  • Toxic substances use (they reduce bioavailability and they deplete micronutrients)
  • Inflammation (elevated requirements of micronutrients)
  • Injury (increased needs for micronutrients)
  • Environmental toxicity (they reduce bioavailability and they deplete micronutrients)
  • Age (reduced absorption of micronutrients)
  • Oxidative stress (increased requirements of micronutrients)
  • Alcohol consumption (increased excretion of micronutrients)
  • Physical activity (increased need for micronutrients)
  • Fighting disease (increased requirements of micronutrients)
  • Microbiome alterations (altered absorption of micronutrients)
  • Genetic polymorphism (impaired absorption and utilisation of micronutrients)


Selenium is a vital nutrient for health and protection from oxidative damage, and therefore, people should have adequate daily amount.

Selenium is a micronutrient essential for humans, and is a constituent of selenoproteins and glutathione peroxidases that play a vital role in DNA synthesis, thyroid hormone metabolism, reproduction, and also provide protection from infection and oxidative damage. Furthermore, this micronutrient promotes a healthy heart, is required for metabolism, stimulates the immune system, and is an anti-inflammatory.

In humans and animals, selenium occurs in the form of selenomethionine. Selenium is present in the blood, and is stored mainly in the liver and skeletal muscles. The importance of selenium to health started to arise in the 1940s, when some studies provided evidence that selenium could prevent the liver cancer formation in rodents, and muscular dystrophy in pigs, hens and calves.

Selenium protects from free radicals  

Back in the 1970s, scientists found that the enzyme Glutathione peroxide, contains 4 selenium atoms in its structure, and acts against the oxygen-free radicals, hydrogen peroxide and fatty acids peroxide, and thus preventing cells damage. These findings provided scientific evidence that selenium plays an important role in disease prevention, since free radicals are linked to a number of diseases. Moreover, this mineral contributes to inhibiting the toxic effects of heavy metals, such as led, mercury, arsenic and cadmium.

Selenium boosts the immune system

Selenium increases the capability of the macrophages and T-lymphocytes to destroy bacteria and viruses, and thus, providing a stronger protection against infections. Also, a stronger immune system destroys cancer cells and suppresses cancer growth more efficiently.

Selenium is important for cardiovascular health

The results from experiments suggest that people with selenium deficiency develop a degenerative disease within the cardiac muscles, and as a consequence, the efficiency of the heart to pump blood is reduced. Also, low selenium intake may lead to increased incidence of atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction, reduced HDL cholesterol level, and increased platelet aggregation, which can increase the risk of blood clotting.  Besides, individuals with selenium deficiency tend to develop joints and cartilage conditions. This provides further evidence that selenium is very important to health.

Selenium contributes to cancer prevention

Animal experiments have shown that low selenium levels increase the risk of developing cancer. Human studies provided evidence that the optimal amount of selenium intake, decreases the risk of developing colorectal cancer, especially in women. This is consistent with other studies suggesting that optimal selenium intake reduces the incidence of developing different types of cancer, including lung, oesophageal, breast, gastric and prostate.

The anti-cancer effects of selenium include lowering the mutagenic power of carcinogenic chemicals, and inhibiting the carcinogenic viruses, as well as suppressing cancer cells and preventing them from spreading through the tissues. Also, selenium is important for the suppression of blood vessels supplying nutrients to cancer cells.


Synergy Vita Selenium Replenish top-notch supplement is made high strength Selenium.

All Synergy Vita products have high purity and are created using the highest quality of production, so you can get the most of the active ingredients and thrive.

The manufacturing facilities are based in the UK, with highly professional staff that produce superior Orthomolecular Medicine products to support health and promote wellness. Our products are packaged to avoid plastic waste.


Synergy Vita products on scientific evidence. Our physiologist PhD, conducts extensive research to identify natural solutions for optimising physiological functions to help individuals stay fit and healthy.

If optimizing nutrients intake with premium quality products is important to you, you’re in the right place!


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